An ebook of animal fiction, and a riveting, heartwarming story about a family of red-tailed hawks. Come enter the world of animals . . . where you can forget about the stress of: your job or school, the daily commutes in rush hour traffic, money and banking, insurance, and taxes.  In the world of animals, the only things you have to stress about are the safety of your family, and surviving to thrive in a world of humans.

Freedom Is For The Birds also recognizes the sad reality of today’s society, the constant state of extreme conflict, and provides humanity with a guide for morals, compassion, and a respect for all life on our planet.

Wild animals almost always suffer as a result of encounters with humans, if they survive at all. $1 from every sale is being donated for the direct care (medical expenses, food, etc.) of orphaned and/or injured wildlife at wildlife care facilities.


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